Census on Protracted IDP’s – Closing date October 16th

Registration of suppliers & Contractors -2018-TFR

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 Are you willing to resettle in your place of origin? Census on protracted IDP’s willingness to return



 Structure of the Task force


  1. D.M.Swaminathan , Ministry of Prison Reforms, Rehabilitation, Resettlement and Hindu Religious Affairs

  2. Rishad Bathiudeen, Ministry of Industry and Commerce

  3. Faizer Musthapha,  Ministry of Provincial Councils & Local Government

  4. Duminda Dissanayake, Minister of Agriculture


  1. Secretary, Ministry of National Policies and Economic Affairs

  2. Secretary to the Treasury or his nominee

  3. Secretary, Ministry of Prison Reforms, Rehabilitation, Resett and Hindu Relig. Affairs

  4. Secretary, Ministry of Industry & Commerce

  5. Secretary, Ministry of Provincial Councils & Local Government

  6. Secretary, Ministry of Housing and Construction

  7. Chief Secretary, NWPC

  8. Chief Secretary, NPC


Co-ordinate, implement and monitor the following proposals of the joint Cabinet memorandum in order to complete the resettlement of Protracted Muslim and Sinhala IDPs in the Northern Province comprehensively;

  1. a) To formulate mechanism to extend the denied access to the services provided by the GoSL such as registration of births, deaths, marriages, issuing character certificates, educational certificates etc through Divisional Secretaries as provided for the normal citizens until the completion of the Project.

  2. b) To register the protracted IDPs as voters in their original places to ensure the right of voting by making amendment in the Registration of Electors Act no 44 of 1980.

  3. c) To provide lands in which the Protracted IDPs were living prior to the eviction in1990 either through provision of their family land or as an alternative, alienation of new suitable state lands through DS with the assistance of Min of PRRR&HA.

  4. d) To provide housing for the Protracted IDPs who are willing to settle in their original place of Northern Province

  5. e) To provide urgent infrastructure facilities to the resettled villages and livelihood assistance to the Protracted IDPs.

  6. d) To formulate mechanism for maintain the six schools, 125 pre schools & six Dispensaries operates in Puttalam under the central government administration until the completion of the resettlement process as of 2020